Valadation: The Adventures of an IT Leader Artifact.

Analyze current issues and trends in ICT.

   This artifact reviews, The Adventures of an IT Leader, by Robert Austin, Richard Nolan, and Shannon O'Donnell.  It offers relevant discussion on ICT practices and explores current issues and trends in IT Management.  

   ICT topics include:
  • Qualities of IT Management. 
  • Agile Project Management (APM). 
  • Service-oriented architectures (SOA).  
  • Business intelligence (BI).  
  • Managing talent. 
  • Vendor partnerships.  
  • Cris controls and communication.  
  • ICT ethical considerations.   
   Jim Barton, the story's protagonist, navigated through the daily adventures of IT management.  The authors included a series of questions at the end of each chapter.  These questions refocus the material and provided thought provoking lessons.  

   The material is a wake-up call to all IT professionals; raw technical skills will not cut it in the modern business environment.  Keep an open mind to ICT philosophies:  organizational, managerial, end users experiences, and other communication lines.


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