ICT Global Economy Validation


   The historical, philosophical, sociological, psychological, multicultural, and political influences of ICT on a global economy.
    This artifact discusses the wide scope of influences of ICT on a global economy.  In 1980, Alvin Toffler predicted that society will soon undergo a transition from the industrial age to the information age (Toffler, 1980).

    Toffler described three waves that have advanced civilization:

  1. The agrarian society.  Farming innovations supported larger populations.
  2. The industrial society.  Manufacturing and distribution innovations shaped the modern world.
  3. The information society.  The advancement of computers and networks shapes the post-modern world. 
   Toffler's argument is uncannily accurate when considering his work was published 20 years before the Dot-com boom of 2000.   The Internet of Things (IoT) represents the next major development of the Internet.  The IoT is the continuum of Toffler's Third Wave.

   To date, there have been four successive phases of the Internet:
  1. Academic.  Allowed universities to share basic information (e.g., email).
  2. Static content.  Simple web pages provided limited content and information to the public.
  3. Commerce.  Dynamic content introduced the exchange of goods and services (e.g. Ebay, Craigslist, online banking, etc..).
  4. Social media.   Social networks provided innovative communication (e.g., Facebook, Twitter, etc...). 
   The Internet is on the cusp of a major transformation that will change its purpose from serving humanity to technology. 

   The Internet supplies people with information.  In the near future, devices will compete with people for information bandwidth.   People will continue to use the Internet, however they will be vastly outnumbered by their online gadgets. 

   System administrators will have to plan for physical and logical network limitations.  IoT cannot be implemented with the current IPv4 addressing scheme.  IPv6 protocol must be implemented in order to support the billions upon billions of smart objects.  


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