Global Social Trasnformation Artifact

How Information society affects global social transformation.

   This artifact explores the role of intelligence, information, and communication in relation to the Internet.  Online global social transformations are expressed through a series of online cognitive, cooperative, collaborative, and motivational processes. 

   The Internet is a synthesis of communication, information, knowledge and intelligence.  

  • Communication is the exchange of information.
  • Information is the communication or reception of knowledge or intelligence.
  • Intelligence is the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills
  • Knowledge are facts, information, and skills acquired through experience or education. 
   The topic was inspired after reading concepts from, The Big Switch, by Nicolas Carr.  The information transformation is far reaching and may have social, economic, and political consequences.  My research hypothesizes that effects, such as group decision making and crowd sourcing, are a result of a greater intellectual process.

   The age of information has ushered unprecedented collaboration that connects people, cities, nations, and the globe.  Careful consideration and systematic analysis will identify innovations that may provide process improvements.


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