JUNOS 9.3 Upgrade Causes Missing Interfaces

JUNOS Missing Interfaces!
Issue:  The Juniper J2300 series router is missing all of its physical interfaces (e.g., fe01) after upgrading to JUNOS 9.3X.

Cause:  JUNOS 9.3 uses expired default certificates on EEOL equipment.  For example, the J2300 certificates uses a certificate with expiration of 3/24/2014.

Quick Fix:  Change the date JUNOS system to a date before 3/24/2014:

set date 200403311010.10
Long-term Fix: Use shell script to disable the synchronization between the hardware clock and the software clock:

  1. Disable NTP (if applicable).
    root@hostname> deactivate system ntp
  2. Set date back ~10 years in JUNOS.
    root@hostname> set date 200403311010.10
  3. The rc utility is a command script that automatically runs at boot-up or shutdown.  Configure the following script to disable the synchronization between the system's hardware and software time:
    root@host> start shell
    root% sysctl -w machdep.disable_rtc_set=1
    root% touch /cf/etc/rc.custom
    root% chmod +x /cf/etc/rc.custom
    root% echo "sysctl -w machdep.disable_rtc_set=1" > /cf/etc/rc.custom
    root% cat /cf/etc/rc.custom
  4. Reconfigure NTP or set time manually in JUNOS.
    root@hostname> set date 201509151010.10


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