Juniper EEOL - End of Life and End of Support JUNOS versions

Upgrade your old JUNOS!

How to upgrade from old JUNOS:

Issue:  Older versions of JUNOS (i.e., End of Life [EEOL]) can only be upgraded in the chronological order of EEOL releases.

Juniper does not publish download links to EEOL versions.

Solution:  Use the following URLs to download EEOL versions of JUNOS.  N.B., these links require a Juniper username and password.

  Juniper JUNOS EEOLs:

  1.  JUNOS 8.5:

  2. JUNOS 9.3:

  3. JUNOS 10.0:

  4. JUNOS 10.4:

  5. JUNOS 11.4:

Additional Information:

JUNOS release information:


  1. Thanks a lot! This is really helpful!
    I've checked that it is possible to download the same releases for SRX series (you only need to modify the image name to "junos-srxsme-...").


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