Review and System Analysis Validation

Analyze the philosophy and principles underlying the organization and operation of ICT enterprises.

This artifact explores ICT philosophy and principles through an interview conducted with Tim Hapeman, IT Director at Oconomowoc Residential Programs (ORP).   

ORP provides group homes, work opportunities, and educational services for people with mental disabilities.  They are a $100 Million dollar company and have locations across the Midwest.  The IT department services over 100 locations and provides network services for over 2000 employees

Hapeman has been with ORP for ywo years.  He previously worked for Goodwill Industries, as the Manager of Information Technology, and Leprino Foods, as their System and Security Supervisor.  Hapeman has a bachelor in Mathematics from Michigan State University, as well as a graduate degree in Computer Information Technology from Regis University in Denver, Colorado.

Peter A. High's, World Class IT, argued that businesses need successful IT departments in order to succeed.   High outlined five principles that align IT with business strategy:

  1. Talent.  Recruit, train, and retain talented staff.  
  2.  Infrastructure.  Build and maintain robust IT systems.  
  3. Project Management.  Systematic planning and implementation ensure success. 
  4. IT and Business Partnerships.  Develop teamwork and communication between departments.  
  5. External Partnerships.  Collaboration with vendors, customers, and consultants. 
ICT diffusion principles are applied throughout the interview process.  The adoption phase consists of information gathering, design, and development.  The process begins with an analysis of High's World Class IT.  The interview questions are designed from modeling High's sub-principles of IT and business partnerships.


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