Getting the Dell Open Manage Essentials (OME) server to work with Windows servers.

This post provides a quick walk through on how to enable a Dell server to interact with the OME.


  • Add\Manage servers through OME.
  • Server displayed as unknown or does not return inventory data after SNMP was enabled and OMSA is installed on server.


OME is used to monitor server SMNP status and to provide firmware updates.  It’s a handy server as it provides email alerts for things like power cycles and predictive drive failures.  Adding a server to OME is a straight-forward process but in order for the server to interact with OME, the monitored servers must be properly configured.  The following are the necessary configuration steps:

1.        Install the OMSA client on the server in order to retrieve the server health from the OME server.

2.       Enable and configure SNMP on the server that will be monitored.  Enable the community on the “Security” tab for monitoring.  Be sure to configure the “Traps” tab to forward alerts to OEM.

3.       Create AD user account to monitor WMI.  This user does not need administrative privileges.  Edit WMI properties to provide the new AD user monitor privileges.   

Administrative Tools → Computer Management → Services and Applications → right click “WMI Control” → properties →security tab → highlight “Root” → click security button → add the monitoring user account → allow “Remote Enable”.

Make sure WMI is allowed through the Windows firewall.  I recommended only allowing access from specific servers (e.g. OME).

4.        Configure DCOM Security to allow user access.

Start → Run → type “DCOMCNFG” → click OK →   expand Component Services → expand computers → right-click My Computer → click Properties → COM Security tab → click Edit Limits under the Launch and Activation Permissions → add the AD user account created for the WMI monitor → allow the user Remote Launch permission → click OK.

At this point the server will be able to interact with the OME server. 


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