DMP 2012 Installation Failed

Problem:  Data Protection Manager 2012 installation failed.  The setup wizard stopped each attempt during the SQL installation.  No specific error was provided.  Some of the steps I went through:

  • I confirmed all prerequisites had been installed.
  • Googled for a solution
  • Attempted to install DPM 2012 on both Windows 2012, and then on Windows 2008.
I was able to manually install SQL 2008R2 however another SQL license was then needed; which defeats the purpose of installing the free/included version of SQL2008 R2 standard when implemented though the DPM setup wizard.

Solution:  The ISO image was bad.  After much grief and wasted time I re-downloaded the DPM ISO image.  I unpacked the contents on my workstation and copied the files to the server.  
DPM 2012 & the included SQL server installed without any problems.  Doh!


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