Sidesync connection has been lost


Samsung SideSync crashes and displays error messages:

  1. Sidesync connection has been lost.
  2. USB connection to Samsung Phone has been lost.
This problem generally happens from mouse interaction with the virtual phone screen.


Sidesync crashes from keyboard and mouse interaction with the remote session (i.e., virtual phone).   This situation occurs when the Keyboard & Mouse sharing are disabled.  N.B., Keyboard & Mouse Sharing is disabled by default.


Enable the Keyboard and mouse sharing:

  1.   Open SideSync from the notification bar.

  2. Click on the "More" button.
  3. Click on "Enable Keyboard and mouse sharing" menu item.

  4. Click on the Phone screen button to initiate screen mirror.

 That's It!


  1. Frequent disconnects even when screensharing and keyboard / mouse is active. This has been the weakness of Samsung's sidesync since a few years ago. Have been relying on third party software which has shown to be more consistent and stable.


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