How to Fix Synchronization Errors with OneNote


   OneNote notebook cannot open.  "Force Sync" does not resolve the issue.


   Specific errors include "syncing not available; update file permission settings"


   OneNote stores its data in two places:  (a) master file on the file server and (b) a local copy.  OneNote uses two-way synchronization to keep file changes up-to-date.
Errors may appear because of local data corruption.  

Solution Steps: 

   Delete local OneNote cache files to resolve synchronizing problems.  This process does not harm data on the server.
  1. Exit/ close OneNote.
  2. Browse to the following directory:  C:\Users\dfreedman\AppData\Local\Microsoft\OneNote
    N.B., Turn on hidden folders in order to view the AppData directory.
  3. Rename (or delete) the nested directory:  Existing directory (i.e., old):  15.0
    Renamed directory (i.e., new):  15.0_old
  4. Open the OneNote notebook on the fileserver.
   Once open, OneNote creates new cache that eliminates synchronization errors. 


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