Hide Windows Update Warnings on RDP /RDS Server


   Staff receive Windows Update message when logging onto the RDP server.  This problem confuses end users and causes unnecessary calls to help desk. 


   Remote desktop servers receive regular updates on Patch Tuesday. However, this problem was accentuated after Microsoft changed their patching policy to expedite out-of-band patches. 


Create new GPO policy to hide Windows Update messages on the RDP server.
    GPO Setting Path:  
      User Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\Windows Update
    GPO Policy:   
      Remove access to use all Windows Update features 
    GPO Attribute:  
     Enabled: 0. Do not show notifications. 


   This is a User Configuration setting -not a Computer Configuration.  Enable Loopback processing to ensure changes apply to all users that logon.  
    GPO Loopback Path:
      Computer Configuration\Policies\Administrative Templates\System/Group Policy\
    GPO Loopback Policy: 
     Configure user Group Policy loopback processing mode
    GPOLoopback Attribute:



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