Windows Updates Fail on DPM 2010 Server

Problem:  Windows updates fail on DPM 2010 servers.  Additional symptoms include slow startup and account sign-ins.  Updates fail because of excessive VSS volume information in the registry.  Log on times are slow because it takes a long time for Windows to enumerate thousands of orphaned volumes listed in its registry.

The slow logon process interferes with updates and software installations.  During the installation, Windows enumerates driver information from the registry.  Installations will fail when the  enumeration takes longer than 15 minutes,

Work-Around Solution:  Change the Trusted Installer block time increment from 15 minutes, to 3 hours.
  1. Edit the Registry: regedit.exe
  2. Reg Path:  HKLM\System\CurrentControlSet\Services\TrustedInstaller
  3. Change permissions on the TrustedInstaller key to Full Control for Users.
  4. Edit BlockTimeIncrement. By default this is set to 384 (15 min); change it to 2a30 (3 hours). 
  5. Reboot and install updates.
That's it.  Installations may seem unusually slow, but at least they will complete.

N.B, This solution is a short-term "workaround".  Read this article to fully resolve these DPM issues.


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