How to Sign Your PowerShell Scripts

By Steven Jordan on 4/17/2014.

Takeaway:  Sign PowerShell scripts with a code signing certificate.

Assumptions:  We'll assume a code-signing certificate is already installed the Windows certificate root store.  If you don't already have a code-signing certificate, obtain one:
  1. Enroll with the Windows Certificate Authority (CA) server.
  2. Enroll with a public CA.  Best option if you plan to publicly distribute your scripts.
  3. Generate a self-signed certificate.

Use the code-signing certificate located in the the Windows Certificate Store to sign PowerShell scripts.  First, export the certificate from the Certificate Store.  Export the certificate as follows:

Start → MMC → Add/Remove Snap-In → Certificates → Personal → Right click on the certificate → Export.

Save the certificate as a PFX file in a directory of your choice (e.g., c:\scripts).

Lastly, use the following PowerShell script to sign the code:

PS C:\scripts> $cert = Get-PfxCertificate C:\scripts\codesigncert.pfx  C:\scripts> Set-AuthenticodeSignature -Filepath pruneVSS.ps1 -Cert $cert

Directory: C:\scripts SignerCertificate Status Path ----------------- ------ ---- 2603FCAA10343AE1DD78AB41D984728D657499D3 Valid pruneVSS.ps1

That's it -the PowerShell script is signed.  Time to change the set-execution policy throughout the domain!


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