Change between multiple webcams in Lync Mac client.

Problem:  End-users cannot easily switch between different video cameras in the Lync for Mac client.

Background:  Mac laptops have internal webcams.  End-users also connect with Logitech webcams.  The end-users prefer to use different video cameras for different situations.

  Microsoft provides limited support with video cameras for their Lync for Mac client:

The built-in camera or other attached camera may be controlled by the first video application launched

There are only a handful of work arounds to help webcam issues regarding Lync for Mac:

  1. Make sure the latest Lync for Mac client is installed:

  2. Connect webcams in specific order. The internal webcam will work if the the Logitech USB camera is left unplugged when the Mac powers on. In this scenario, Lync will use the internal webcam by default.

    The Lync for Mac client will use the Logitech USB camera if it is connected before the Lync client is run. In this scenario, the Lync for Mac client will continue to associate the Logitech camera -even if the USB cable is unplugged.

    At this point there are only two ways to to re-associate the internal webcam: (a) Restart the Mac with the Logitech USB camera unplugged, or (b) unplug the Logitech USB camera and open the terminal. Type the following command:

    sudo killall VDCAssistant
    The command forces all Audio and Video processes to stop. Lync for Mac will use the internal webcam thereafter.  Using a script shortcut can automate this process.

  3. The only other option is to install a $20 application called iGlasses by ECamm.  ECamm offers a trial version of iGlasses so there is no need to commit.

    The iGlasses process is simple enough.  Select Camera from the settings to choose your preferred camera.  The iGlasses Manager associates the iGlasses camera per application:

    Lync for Mac will automatically use the active iGlasses camera.
That's It! 



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