By Steven Jordan on March 26th, 2013. 

Takeaway:   DPM 2010 can backup SQL 2012 with this simple permission change.

Problem:  DPM 2010 cannot backup SQL 2012 databases.

  • DPM 2010 Recovery Point Errors:  Recovery point creation jobs for SQL Server 2012 database SERVER\NAME have been failing.  The number of failed recovery point creation jobs = x.
  •  DPM 2010 Replica is inconstant Alerts:  The replica of SQL Server 2012 database SERVER\NAME is inconsistent with the protected data source. 

Solution:  NT AUTHORITY\System must be granted Sysadmin permissions on the SQL 2012 database instance.

Background:    By default, SQL 2010 includes the Sysadmin permissions for the NT Authority\System account.  However, SQL 2012 does not include the Sysadmin permissions for the NT Authority\System account by default.   

Fix DPM 2010 consistency errors for SQL 2012 databases by adding the Sysadmin server role to the SQL 2012 NT AUTHORITY\System:

1.   Modify the NT Authority\System login:

2.  Add Sysadmin server role

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