ICT Blog Artifact Validation

Develop a professional ICT blog with specific focus on network administration disciplines.

This artifact was created to help reinforce my knowledge of ICT methodology.  The blogging process benefited my daily work, as follows:
  • ICT Digest.  The documentation process reinforces a deeper understanding of complicated material.
  • ICT Contribution.  My blog is a public resource that can be used to assist other network administrators.
  • Portfolio.  The blog provides an opportunity to showcase my ICT skills and knowledge to future employers.

My work as a systems administrator requires ongoing research of infrastructure systems.  The ICT adoption designs allow me to identify project resources, procedures, and data.

Likewise, complete documentation establishes a system control.  The control is important because it ensures the project can be easily repeated.  Systems may function for years without configuration changes.  It's easy to forget the details from a complicated project.  The project documentation will be invaluable if the system requires future maintenance or redesign.

It's important to note that system design blogs are not appropriate for all circumstances.  Confidential data must never be exposed to the Internet.  For sensitive information, I developed a secure wiki using Microsoft SharePoint 2013.  The internal wiki is only accessible from the corporate network.   The wiki can only be accessed by staff with approved authorization.    

This network administration blog is a work in progress.  I began the blog during my first semester at UW-Stout.  There are currently over 80 posts and I plan to increase regular contributions after I graduate.

Since its inception, the blog has experienced significant traffic growth.
  • There were 197 web page views in October 2011.
  • There were 234 web page views in October 2012.
  • There were 1595 web page views in October 2013.
To date, there have been nearly 18,000 total page views since I began the portfolio and blog.  Nearly half of the site's total traffic has been generated within the last 6 months.
However, some posts will never generate much traffic.  Nevertheless, some of my least visited posts were among the most rewarding.  For example, I had hastily blogged about a problem I experienced when I attempted to demote a certificate authority from Active Directory.

The instructions from Microsoft's website were inaccurate.  The commands had included too many attributes, which generated a syntax error.  I caught the error and posted the correct directive on my blog.

Unsurprisingly, the search key term, "the last token starts with 'd" did not generate much traffic.  However, the search term proved useful for a number of network administrators that were stuck on the same problem.  I was gratified by the kind feedback that was left from other network administrators, of whom I've helped.


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