Power Supply for APC AP9600 Chasis

Last updated  November 14th, 2013 by Steven Jordan

Issue:  APC AP9505 power supply for the APC AP9600.

Our branch office had an APC UPS without a slot for a management card.  I purchased an AP9600 management card chassis.  The chassis provides a slot for the  management card and uses a serial cable to communicate with the UPS.  Dell sells the chassis for roughly $100.  

I was surprised to discover APC does not include a power cable.  I figured the power supply wouldn't cost too much.  I looked up the power supply number, AP9505, and found the cable cost just as much as the chassis! 

I could not find any documentation on the power supply specs so I ate the extra $100.  For reference, the AP9505 consists of the following: 


Brand:  CUI Stack
Model:  DV-2440 AC Adapter
Input:  120VAC 60Hz 16W
Output:  24VAC 400mA


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