Back up Windows 2012 Active Directory (AD) with DPM 2010

Last updated  October 13th, 2013 by Steven Jordan

Backup 2012 AD with 2010 DPM.

Disclaimer:  Microsoft does not support DPM 2010 backup for Windows 2012 servers.  I have found however, the backup process still works.  I have only run into 2 (resolvable) issues so far:
  1. Automatic installation of the DPM 2010 installation agent on Windows 2012 servers no longer works.  The DPM agent must be installed manually.  See my previous post on DPM for instructions.
  2. DPM 2010 backups of the system state for Windows 2012 server with Active Directory (AD) server installed failed. 

    Windows Server Backup must be installed on the Windows 2010 AD server in order to backup the system state.  This is only true for 2012 servers with AD roles installed.  After the Windows Server Backup feature was installed there were no longer problems with related DPM backups. 


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