Outlook freezes or locks up when using a personal certificate...

Last updated  September 13th, 2013 by Steven Jordan


Outlook 2013 has a bug that prevents message delivery after a certificate is installed from the Outlook Trust Center.  After adding the personal the certificate  Outlook freezes and locks after attempting to send.
Microsoft KB 2813237 indicates applications may freeze on Windows 8 when using password protected certificates.  Applying the hotfix resolved all Outlook certificate problems.  Email delivery, message encryption, and digital signature now work as expected. 
However, there was a negative side effect from the hotfix.   Internet Explorer was unable to authenticate using personal certificates. This problem affects both IE and Google Chrome.  The issue was a problem because I was unable to logon or authenticate to StartSSL.  Short-term solution was to use Firefox which maintains certificates independent of Windows.

 Specific Errors:
"Your digital ID name cannot be found by the underlying security system"
"Your Digital Id Name Cannot Be Found By The Underlying Security"

Uninstall all personal certificates via Internet Options. 
          Control Panel > Internet Options > Content > Certificates
After personal certificates are removed proceed to import the certificate from Internet Options.  If the personal certificate is added through Internet Options (do not install via Outlook 2013) Outlook automatically works with the certificate and IE continues to authenticate with the certificate.  I normally install certificates via the certificate management MMC so the approach was new to me.



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