The Cluster Network Name is Not Online

ProblemFailing node. Failover Cluster Manager gave the following message: 

     The cluster network name is not online.

There was also the following system log error:

Solution:  When attempting to bring nodes online to the failover cluster be sure to check the network cluster client role.  The role must be set to "allow clients to connect through this network"

  *Note:  Please try the Powershell or GUI method before attempting this registry fix. 
Further instructions can be found at: 

Registry fix resolved the issue:

Location:  HKEY Local Machine\Cluster\Networks\NIC GUID\Role


1.  Do not allow cluster network communications on this network
2.  Allow cluster network communications on this network 
3.  Allow clients to connect through this network

The role must be set to "3" to allow the node to participate with cluster.  Once the role is properly set the node will become online and work with the cluster.  

This is widely reported issue with the Microsoft Failover Cluster services and Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Database Availability Group (DAG) node.

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Full Technet URL for this issue can be found at:

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