Distribution Group Management via Outlook Web App

Outlook Web App distribution group management is a handy tool built into Exchange 2010.  The primary benefits allow end users to create and self manage distribution groups.  This tool can also allow help desk access to the email server to assist end users.

To enable the service, first log onto Outlook Web App, with the Administrator account.

1.  Enable “My Distribution Groups” for the default Role Assignment Policy.

Outlook Web App → Options → See All Options → Manage My Organization → Roles & Auditing → User Roles → Default Role Assignment Policy

· This allows users to manage Groups from their Outlook Web App sessions. 
o    Additional group owners may be assigned by current group owners.

· Users may search public groups and request permission to join from the group owners.
o   Restrictions can be changed to allow auto join or leave.

       2.  To assign management of groups to specific users:

Outlook Web App → Options → See All Options → Manage My Organization → Users & Groups → Distribution Groups

·  Edit specific group to make changes to ownership, membership, approvals, etc…

    3.  When logged onto Outlook Web App as a user account (non-admin) Public Group options will be available.
·  Edit Public Groups owned by the user.
·  View groups user belongs to.  Leave group.
·  Search groups.  Request permission to join distribution groups.
·  Sue, Bob, Ned, or whomever can all manage groups with this tool.


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