DPM PowerShell Consitency Check Script

Last updated  March 26th, 2014 by Steven Jordan

Takeaway:  PowerShell script  to run the #consistency check on any every inconsistent replica in DPM.  

I plan to schedule and automate this to cut back on the crazy amount of alerts DPM creates.  This should also cut down on the manual maintenance.

  1. Associate the DPM server:
  2.   $pg = Get-ProtectionGroup

  3. Start the consistency check:
foreach ($pgi in $pg) { $ds = get-datasource $pgi; foreach ($dsi in $ds) { if ($dsi.State -eq 'Invalid') { Start-DatasourceConsistencyCheck $dsi | out-null; $dsi.ProductionServerName + " :: " + $dsi.DisplayPath } } }
Reference:  http://www.avianwaves.com/Blog/default.aspx?id=195

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